• Immediate return on investment – realize $3 in savings for each $1 invested in the AILM solution.
  • Our mobile solutions quickly locate lost vehicles and reduce customer wait times.
  • Increase productivity and sales time of dealership personnel instead of searching acres of concrete looking for misplaced cars.
  • Physical Floorplan inventory checks are completed within minutes, not hours.
  • Track new and used car test drives and sales activity by VIN.
  • Zero IT resources required, AILM is a cloud based solution.
  • Create competitive advantages that lead to a higher Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) index score.
  • Total visibility of all dealer vehicles, on or off the lot.
  • Enables just in time delivery of cars when needed.
  • Staff productivity increases along with customer satisfaction.
  • Provides a complete audit trail of who last drove and parked the car – never lose a car again.
  • Notification of when vehicles are in use, eliminating searching for unavailable vehicles.
  • Alert dealership personnel to missing vehicles*.

Using our Automated Inventory Lot Management solutions dealers can simply find any car with just a smartphone.
Want to know more? Give us 30 minutes and we can demonstrate how a simple solution solves complex problems.

*Requires Car Coordinates AutoARL solution